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Early Care

We offer Early Care each morning from 7:00-8:00. The cost per day is $4. Children may bring a finger food breakfast. Please use the 3rd Street entrance for Early Care. Regular school doors open at 8:00.

After School Care

First Presbyterian Kindergarten provides an after school care program for students enrolled in the school. The hours for the after school care are Monday-Friday 12:00 to 5:30. Children bring lunch, have play time outside, then nap for an hour or so. Other activities include art, puzzles and books. Two after school care teachers are here at all times.

The cost for after care is $75.00 for a full week, $15.00 daily rate, or $5.00/hour for an occasional drop-in.


Open enrollment for 2020-2021 begins February 3, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. A $90.00 non-refundable registration fee is required to hold your child’s spot. Make checks out to FPK.

Tuition for 2020-2021:
3K 3 day: $140.00/month
3K 5 day: $165.00/month
4K 5 day: $165.00/month
5K 5 day: $180.00/month

A $90.00 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. Book fees are also collected at the beginning of the school year to cover the cost of curriculum for each child. They are $30.00 3K 3day, $30.00 3K 5day, $45.00 4K and $80.00 5K (subject to change with cost of book increases). Additional books may be required as each student progresses.

Classes Offered

First Presbyterian Kindergarten has two separate 3 year old classes, three separate 4 year old classes, and one K5 kindergarten class. Each class is limited to 12 children. We have a 5 day 3 year old class as well as a 3 day 3 year old class (MWF). All 4 year olds and 5 year olds meet Monday-Friday. All three year olds must be fully potty trained upon the start of the school year in August.

Enrollment Forms

FPK Enrollment Form

Registration for 2020-2021 opened to the public on Monday, February 3 at 8:00 am.

Supply Lists

Ms. Ashley’s K3 3-Day School Supply List
Ms. Emily’s K3 5-Day School Supply List
Ms. Angie’s K4 School Supply List
Ms. Leanne’s K4 School Supply List
Mrs. Smith’s K4 School Supply List
Mrs. Carrie’s K5 School Supply List